The Interworkings Of My Mind
I’m scared.

I’m so scared and the guy at tommyknockers didn’t help. I hate that I’m scared. I shouldn’t be.


Whaaaaaat did I do now?

A princess worth waiting for


“What’s her name?”

That moment was so cute and heartbreaking at the same time with the little girl and stuff toy!!


Emmanuel Hudson distributing life

Whatever happens tomorrow, you must promise me one thing.
That you will stay who you are.

Why does it have to go from good to gone? [x]


The Boardwalk At Sunset by WJMcIntosh on Flickr.
Do you remember that game we always used to play, the one where you change around historical events and see what happens? Do you remember how we would always switch things around to try and make sure no one died, even though in the real world those people were already dead? We had empathy for people who were already gone, people who couldn’t be saved one way or another at that point - so how do some people have no empathy for the living? How can they just senselessly kill others? If some elementary schoolers playing a game can understand the value of life better than grown adults in positions of power, we have a serious problem here.
My friend and I were talking about the mh17 incident and she said it reminded her of when we used to play the game “Chrononauts” (via dancing-through-brooklyn)


Houses aren’t safe,
Schools aren’t safe,
Cities aren’t safe,
The ocean isn’t safe,
And now the sky isn’t safe either…
What next?